6th Annual

Real Estate Distilled

Serving concentrated knowledge to real estate agents, brokers, team leaders,
& lenders who are not content being average.

February 27th, 28th & 29th, 2024
Louisville, KY

Thirsty for knowledge?

Distilling Concentrated Real Estate Knowledge — Brokers and agents will gather from around the country to share actionable ideas to increase their take home revenue AND quality of life.

We will quite literally be distilling the knowledge from our peers and extracting actionable tips to increase our business.

Speakers are asked to KILL THE FLUFF from their talks. To truly distill their talks down. We have asked them to focus squarely on revenue producing activities that attendees can replicate when they return to their business. Or even from the hotel room if you are ambitious!


1 Part Industry Experts
2 Parts Networking
A Splash of Bourbon Tourism
Stirred Over 3 Days
Served with Southern Hospitality

February 27th, 28th & 29th

Louisville, Kentucky

3 Days Of Content

Priceless Networking Opportunities


Bourbon Tourism

Real Estate Distilled is a high proof experience.

It is also a tribe. A pack. A community. A group of trusted peers, mentors and friends. It is real estate marketing ninjas and lead conversion geeks gathering together.

Above and beyond the fantastic & amazing speakers that we have lined up this year, we are truly excited to rub elbows and stand belly to belly with you. The relationships built at face to face events such as Real Estate Distilled are something that just can’t be recreated with a virtual event.

The impact of being able to pick up the phone to call a mentor with a random question on a Tuesday morning or even firing up Facebook Messenger to get some advice from someone who lives five states away is impossible to measure.

Those impactful relationships are formed over lunch, during breaks and dinners. Even over an Old Fashion at the hotel bar. It’s the random conversations that take place that escalate the value of the conference. You leave with far more than knowledge. You leave with friends and mentors.

It’s the building of the tribe. The gathering of the pack. The creation of the community. Trusted peers coming together. Making new friends. Finding new mentors.

Meet our Speakers

Our Industry experts

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Another Amazing Speaker

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Another Amazing Speaker

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Another Amazing Speaker

Stay tuned for additional speaker announcements.

Hear from Our Past Attendees

Renee Funk Headshot

Reflecting on all of the 2022 Real Estate Conferences, I am reminded of Real Estate Distilled being one of my very favorites.
Good times, great collaboration & phenomenal people!

Renee Funk

Thank you so much for putting together this event. I have gained so much value from being in this group. It is amazing to feel like I’ve finally found my tribe of like minded people.

Thank you for everything you do and everything you have set for the future.

Kristi Roberts

Last week I found out that real estate conferences feed my soul!

What an opportunity it was to spend time with growth mind set professionals from all over the country who truly care about this industry!

Christa Richmond

I wanted to thank Scott and Liz Hack for having me back to RED (that’s right, there’s an acronym) for the second time. Truly honored and I’m very proud of what they are doing in the real estate conference space.

Very few conferences succeed and they’ve got a great formula and are building a community through it. The venue was beautiful and the speaker line up was top notch. Keep up the amazing work of bringing value to our industry.

Nick Baldwin

Welcome Reception

Details, Coming Soon!

Enjoy a tasting of Kentucky’s number 1 export, bourbon. Network among the other attendees and find your next referral partner!

A Toast to 6

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None of this would be possible without the attendees and sponsors.

Bourbon Tourism

While you are in town, we hope you have an opportunity to explore the bourbon tourism available. There are easily two dozen distilleries within an hour of our host hotel.

If you would like assistance setting up some tours or doing additional team building outside of the conference, reach out. We are happy to offer insight.

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Do not miss this experience!

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