Hank Sorensen

Since 1999, Hank has been involved in various facets of the real estate brokerage industry, including recruiting large teams, advising on financial statements with 9 figure teams, and consulting on team/office acquisitions. He grew his Keller Williams Tampa office from 114 to 352 agents from 2012 to 2018, and took the office from #13 to #1 in market share by units in that time. For the education of agents and brokers, he maintains his Go Get A Listing YouTube channel, which provides training on team operations and structure, keeping financial statements, and how to buy or sell a real estate agent business.

In 2021 he published a book on Amazon titled How to Buy or Sell a Real Estate Agent Business: Secrets of Valuing the Business and Transitioning Successfully, which reviews how to increase the value of an agent business, the most common method used to value the operation, and how to best preserve the goodwill in transitioning the business after a sale.

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