Jaime Polter

When you see a need that can be fulfilled, be the one that fills it.

As an agent, lost in the mix in a highly competitive market – as well as a large office, I decided that it was time to put my own vision to work and build a company from the ground up that I could be proud of, and one that truly serves my community.  And so, 3 years ago Polter Real Estate was born.

Since then we have worked hard to develop strategies that married our idea of local, as well as technology.  We found, that yes indeed you can do both.  We now have grown to 20 agents, and have gained strong market shares in our market, Ranked 7th   in overall companies in our local board.

I will share with you what worked, and how we were able to use our Brick and Mortar “local” vision in our strategies, and show you what we are planning for the future.  I believe that everyone can take something from every speaker, and I hope that there are some great take away’ s that you can implement in your strategies going forward.