Jeffrey Chubb

Jeff began his career in real estate after the sudden passing of his father in 2002. He stepped in and took over all the marketing and back-office duties of the "husband and wife team". His parent's team would flourish with their top year selling $25 million in real estate. Managing this team as well as going to school, he found an opportunity to trade mortgages on Wall Street. In 2008 with the writing on the wall, he moved to Boston and started selling real estate in the worst market since the great depression. From his Wall Street days, he had experience with banks and the Short Sale process and built a small niche around distressed properties. As the market improved, he would begin to build out his team. With the many ups and downs, his team consists of 20 agents and is projected to sell 300 units in 2020 with sales topping $100 million. Projecting to acquire 1,500 opportunities per month in February, Jeff has been focused on building out the right systems to handle that type of lead flow while learning how to get the right butts in the right seats. His 10-year goal is for his team to sell 3,500 homes per year by the calendar year 2030.