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“How To Create Massive Change In Your Career & Life With The Enneagram”

Join real estate expert and certified life coach to understand one of the most overlooked tools to reveal the boxes you put yourself in and how to break free, to create massive change in your business and lasting transformation to your life and relationships. Enneagram is NOT your typical personality quiz that labels you and throws away the key. When you can identify the core motivation, it’s like having a superpower to break old habits and change everything! Spoiler: if you’re not ready to own your sh!t, then steer clear. But, if you want to ditch those old habits, transform your life, gain compassion for others (even those who drive you crazy), this conversation is for you.

Felecia Holmes | REALTOR® & Coach | OWN IT! For Good! Coaching LLC

Felecia is a licensed Realtor in Ky and Florida. After having a very successful few years as a newer agent including winning several awards, she quickly realized that her approach to serving and growing her business was not sustainable. She suffered from burnout, overwhelm from the very debilitating and all too familiar ‘disease to please’. She took advantage of the forced downtime of the pandemic to get her health, her habits, her mind, and her priorities in better order. In that process, she became a certified life, health, and sobriety coach. She has a passion for serving her fellow service-oriented people with big hearts that are also suffering from this unhealthy condition. It is ‘heart’ work to put yourself first. Feleica uses a heart-centered wholistic spiritual approach of healing from the inside out with her signature OWN IT! For Good! System. In her own personal journey, she was introduced to the Enneagram and it was a game changer. The dynamics of her whole family have improved, her marriage has done a complete 180, her parenting approach has been enhanced, and so much more not to mention how she approaches her professional life! She uses the Enneagram in her coaching for those who are open and willing.

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