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“Real Estate Transformation: Where Design Meets Profit”

If you know the struggle of constantly showing houses with no end in sight, learn how the power of design and renovation can quickly end the cycle, so you can show fewer homes, earn more money and ultimately simplify your real estate life. You’ll learn how to turn your listings into goldmines, and net your sellers more money. Plus, we’ll show you the most up-to-date solutions to tackle today’s tough buyer objections.

Lisa Ward | Broker & Designer | Premier Design & Remodel

Lisa Ward is the owner and design specialist for Premier Design & Remodel. She is an Accredited Staging Professional® and REALTOR® and has a passion for real estate and specifically transforming interior and exterior residential real estate spaces. Lisa’s mission is to help her client’s design inspirations come to life! Born and raised in Atlanta, Lisa began her career as the operations manager of a real estate company but quickly moved into staging homes for real estate professionals. It wasn’t long before her staging services transformed into small design projects and then more involved projects requiring more extensive design and remodel work allowing her true passion to come to life. Lisa works with homeowners, home sellers, and real estate agents in Metro Atlanta to design, update, and remodel homes to achieve the goals of each individual client’s need.

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