Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller

Lead Conversion Workshop

Patrick Keller is an entrepreneur, public speaker, RealtorⓇ, coach, leader, investor, husband, father and basement Rockstar. Patrick owns and operates multiple businesses, and passionately gives back to his community through supporting non-profits.

Patrick has called Indianapolis his home for his entire life. His wife Amanda, and two wonderful children love living in this community.

Right out of college, Patrick went to work as a registered nurse. It was there that he really fell in love with cultivating deep relationships and harnessed his passion for making an impact in someone’s life.

After practicing real estate for 3 years, Patrick started his real estate team in 2017 with a dream to create a place where he could pour into people and help them create runways to reach their dreams – while serving clients with the highest quality and integrity, which allows them to reach their dreams.

Every day, Patrick strives to be the best leader possible for his team, and know that he wouldn’t be where he was today without them.

Patrick Keller | Broker and Owner | CrestPoint Real Estate

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