Ryan Smith

“The Farm Formula: Build Strong Relationships, Create Raving Fans, and Generate More Leads”

Join us for an engaging session with Ryan, where he’ll introduce you to a unique approach to modern geographic farming. In this talk, discover how ‘The Farm Formula’ can transform your business. You’ll learn to blend relationship-building with focused local strategies, helping you build a dedicated client base and continuously attract new leads. We’ll cover a range of techniques from the S.C.O.P.E. Method, to nurturing client relationships and community engagement for maximized visibility. You’ll walk away with a versatile framework that can be easily added to your already existing business to not only increase your lead generation but also position you as a leader in your community. Come ready to learn, grow, and lead!

Ryan Smith | Founder and REALTOR | Launch Your Farm | Keller Williams

Ryan Smith is a dynamic real estate professional and the esteemed host of the popular “Launch Your Farm Podcast.” With an unwavering commitment to helping agents flourish through strategic farming techniques, Ryan has amassed over 15 years of invaluable industry experience. His profound expertise in geographic farming has propelled numerous agents towards realizing their full potential, thanks to his exceptional coaching, transformative training programs, and captivating speaking sessions.

Having personally experienced the challenges of relocating multiple times, Ryan empathizes with the hurdles of building and rebuilding a thriving business. Exploring countless strategies throughout his career, it was the discovery of hyperlocal farming tactics that ignited Ryan’s unprecedented success. Inspired by this revelation, he passionately shares his wealth of knowledge through his groundbreaking initiative, “Launch Your Farm,” along with a wide array of training programs and engaging speaking engagements.

If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level and build the best geographic farming foundations, Ryan Smith is the trusted ally you need. His friendly, professional, and fresh approach will guide you on your journey to success.

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