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Neil Mathweg - Real Estate Distilled

“Building a Brokerage You Love: A Guide to Recruiting, Retention, and Agent Productivity

Learn how a modest brokerage grew rapidly and organically, transforming itself into one of the state’s top producers. Discover the simple three-pillar plan that became the catalyst for consistent recruitment, production, and retention. Gain insights into custom coaching, tailored agent support, and how to foster a collaborative environment that naturally evolves into a vibrant culture.

Neil Mathweg | Real Estate Career Coach | Agent Rise Coaching

Neil Mathweg knows what it’s like trying to get unstuck as a real estate agent. After hitting a plateau early in his career, Neil did loads of research and tried umpteen tactics and strategies to get moving forward again… but nothing worked. Finally, he discovered the secrets to becoming a confident, successful agent and now—after nearly two decades in the business and more than 1,000 deals—he’s sharing everything he knows through his coaching program, Agent Rise. So far, Neil has helped more than 400 agents, brokers, and agency leaders ditch their discouragement and build a rewarding real estate business and agency they love.

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