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“Defining Moments: Turning Challenges into Empowerment in Real Estate”

Discover the power of your personal journey in shaping a successful real estate career with Jake Dixon, a renowned keynote speaker and real estate coach. In his transformative talk, you’ll realize how adversities and challenges can be pivotal in defining our professional and personal paths. By the end, you’ll leave with, a renewed sense of empowerment over any of your doubts, a clearer understanding of your purpose, and a practical, step-by-step process for identifying your defining moments and leveraging them for growth and success.

Jake Dixon | Founder & CEO | The Locker Room – Real Estate Coaching & Training

Jake is the Founder and CEO of The Locker Room Real Estate Coach & Training organization that specializes in partnering with broker owners and their agents to increase growth retention productivity and profitability. The Locker Room began in 2016 when Jake was one of the Top Productivity Coaches in the country. Jake was selected by Agent Fire as one of the Top 50 Real Estate Coaches in 2021 and served on the SUCCESS Coaching Founder’s Circle. Jake was also named a Top Real Estate Coach for 2022 by Coach Foundation and Top 25 Real Estate Trendsetter by SUCCESS Magazine. Jake and his team have served hundreds of brokerages and tens of thousands of agents. Jake is unapologetically passionate about helping the 90+% of N.A.R. that currently close fewer than 24 homes per year in addition to the 87% of agents who fail within their first few years of the business. Jake graduated from the University of North Florida and played college and professional baseball which has served as inspiration when developing The Locker Room. He is also Co-Founder of the TLR Leadership & Coaching Academy Master Partner for Renewable Real Estate and Founder of The Champion’s Network. Real estate is a contact sport it is time to get your jersey dirty.

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