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“”How To Shift From Accidental Real Estate To Predictable Growth

In real estate, the more your business comes by happenchance, the less predictable your success can be. Join Kenny Letner, a seasoned real estate expert and former Senior Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy, as he helps you shift from “Accidental Real Estate”, to running a business with a purposeful approach. Together, we will design a systematic road map that leads to consistent success and scalability, allowing you more flexibility within your life and your business.

Kenny Letner | Broker & Owner | Aweigh Real Estate

Kenny Letner, Principal Broker, owner, and CEO of Aweigh Real Estate and President and CEO of Millennium School of Real Estate, draws on his 20-year real estate experience and 20 years of background in the United States Navy to reshape the real estate landscape. Fueled by core values of integrity and professionalism Kenny emphasizes the importance of contractual clarity learned from his military experience. As a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer, he leverages lessons in leadership and responsibility to guide his company.

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